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Lisa KinzelFrom a young age I have loved anything that was personalized. Maybe it is because I grew up in the South or maybe it's because my mom always dressed me in clothes with my name or monogram on it. (See photo) Yes, that dress does say "I’m Lisa!"

I guess it helped her tell the difference between her two daughters? Like those times when you look at your kids and you do roll call to get the name right. Now thinking back on it, she was brilliant. Wonder if my teenage boys would wear their name on their shirt? Whatever the reason, I developed a love of all things personalized. In this day of cell phones, emails, Facebook, texts and such, it seems we have lost the art of being personal. My hope is that instead of giving a generic gift card from a national store, you will find something special on The Plaid Pig for friends, family, or yourself. I feel our collection of designers offers something for all ages and occasions. From bridal showers, to house warming gifts, to graduation, to the ever-important thank you note, we have you covered.

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