Monogramming 101


{Traditional Monogram}


Mary Katherine Gallagher 
First name on left • Last name in the middle • Maiden/middle on right


{Straight Monogram}


Sidney Joseph Poitier or Sarah Jessica Parker
The letters are EVEN with no variation in size.


{Couples Monogram}


Rita and Tom Hanks
Last name in the middle • Woman’s first name initial on the left • Man's on the right

The man's first name should never be separated from his last. So, if you are personalizing an item with the couple's names:

Rita and Tom Hanks {correct}
Tom and Rita Hanks {incorrect}

The Hanks / The Pitts / The Buffetts {correct}
The Baker's {incorrect}

Exception to the rule:
The Seinfield's Cabin / The Brady's Pool

When in doubt, "The Smith Family" always works.



Please note we always personalize an item exactly as the letters are entered. Please use upper and lowercase, as you want them to appear on your product. If you have any questions regarding personalization, please contact us... We'll be happy to help!